Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Expand Your Musical Horizons Part 1

I ask you is there anything better music? No is the answer! Music is fuc...well I suppose there is beer....and boobs.......and food.......ANYWAY we are getting sidetracked. Music is pretty fucking awesome. So in this post I hope to open some musical doors to you and *insert deep commentator voice* "Expand Your Musical Horizons".

First up is Bloc Party. I was under the assumption everyone knew of the epicness of Bloc Party, but after a recent conversation I was proven wrong! If you have not heard their monster debut album do yourself a favor and listen to it now.
Artist - Bloc Part
Album - Silent Alarm

Weather you are about to take on a hoard of zombies or rob a bank this production duo will supply you with the soundtrack to go H.A.M. 
Artist - TNGHT
Album - TNGHT EP

Everything about this song is cool as fuck! Feed your ears with this musical gem and they will thank you.
Artist - Tame Impala
Album - Tame Impala EP

One Nas's most personal songs to date. He pens an open letter to his daughter and analyses his role as a father.
Artist - Nas
Album - Life Is Good

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